Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why Is This Interesting?

Found this handy bit o' history on Wikipedia.

What was your favorite Yahtzee logo?

I like the first version.


Alison said...

Honestly, pre-1980s reminds me of a beer label (dare I suggest, therein lies is appeal to some). But I like the Star Wars era version.
Can't explain my interest either.

Wok said...

I just don't know why I've never had any takers for my game "Nahtzee": you take six dice and throw them at Jews.

What? Was it something I said?

Glenn said...

I know what yer going through, Mr Holt.

Sounds like you got the same sort of reaction I got when I pitched my game "Kovcoko", a newspaper puzzle game where you arrange dead soldiers into their correct boxes.

Gee, people just don't get it.