Thursday, September 14, 2006

Naomi Robson's Done It Again

According to the The Australian, Naomi Robson and her crew were planning to shoot a story on West Papuan cannibals before they were detained for jumping the border without the proper visa.

We may never learn if the cannibals were obese or annorexic or even if their huts were poorly constructed by dodgy builders.

How disappointing.

What sort of bras do cannibals wear?

Nice priorities Naomi.

Smuggle your way into West Papua and do a wank piece on cannibals.

A wasted opportunity when you could investigate the country's struggle with Indonesia and its violent tribal wars.

And there's lots of diamonds in West Papua. Enough for tribes to get really angry with each other.

Here's a picture from Reuter's Alertnet of what's happening right now in West Papua.

The caption....

An Indonesian priest prays next to the body of a Dani tribesman who was killed after a clash with Damal tribesmen in Kwanki Lama village near Timika in Indonesia's West Papua province on September 4, 2006. The fighting between the rival tribes has killed three people since Friday, police said on Monday.


Anonymous said...

She always struck me as cannibalistic herself. they could have saved themselves alot of drama and just interviewed Naomi about her postion on journalistic integrity. She is truly foul, and word on the inside is she is nasty as all get out to work for.

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