Monday, September 25, 2006

The Bloods A-Grade Premiers!

Sunday was the greatest day in Old Haileybury's long history, winning it's first ever VAFA, A-Grade Grand Final.

I've been going to see the Bloods play with me mate, Brett and his dad, Richard since the mid 1980's. Brett and I even played a few games alongside each other for the club's Under 19s side. Brett's dad goal umpired those games.

Richard "Dicky" Metherall was a brilliant bloke. He played over 200 games for the Bloods and was club president for many years. The entire senior team and so many other club men and women attended his funeral. That day, three years ago and the game-days afterwards were torrid. Everyone loved Brett's dad.

A funny and passionate bastard, Richard loved his club, Collingwood and football back. When Collingwood were playing the 2002 Grand Final, Brett was tied up in a town somewhere in Italy. He called back home so somebody could play the televison commentary down the phone line. A minute into the last quarter, Brett's dad picks up the phone, turns down the TV volume and yells, "These idiots know bugger all. I'll commentate from now on." And he did. Better than Peter Landy and company I hear.

Now Dicky's club is delirious.

It was bloody exciting to be in the rooms, singing the song after the game. Lucky I was wearing a raincoat I tells you because it was raining champagne in there!

Such a good win to beat VAFA glamour side, Old Xavier by 23 points.

The stars turn out to the VAFA Grand Final. So I could get a little bit of his mojo wafting in the hard Elsternwick Park breeze, I had to spend a quarter downwind from Nathan Buckley (bloke in the grey). He was awful kind to any kid, old fella or wench wanting a chat, handshake or photo op. I was too nervous about the what was going onfield to approach.

Bucks loves sending text messages.

Go Bloods!


Glenn said...

The photos were all taken with my camera phone.

Richo said...

Would have been great to hear that commentary of the '02 Grand Final. What was the final score again?