Thursday, August 03, 2006

Middle Park Beats Middle East As Front Page News

There's an awful war in Lebanon, Fidel Castro's on his deathbed and the first elections have just been conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What does the Herald Sun run with on their front page?

The Chris Tarrant and Ben Johnson pub brawl story.

It also takes up the back page and pages 2, 92 and 93.


At least in the page two story, Brawl Ends A Glitzy Night a witness introduced readers to a charming new subculture.
Ocean Blue has developed a strong following among footballers since opening this year, taking over from the Beach on Beaconsfield Pde as a destination of choice.

"It's full of inner-city CUBs (cashed-up bogans)," one Middle Park local told the Herald Sun.

Pot kettle black, anyone?


Glenn said...

Only a few hours after writing this I read in this month's Adnews that...

"The Sydney Morning Herald, the title that talked up the "Metrosexual", has recently focused its attention on the rise of the "CUB",- Cashed Up Bogan. Think Bec and Lleyton Hewitt."

I was thinking more Brodie and Sarita.

Nina said...

I was under the impression that this country was built by convicts and run by cashed up bogans. I reached this conclusion approximately 15 minutes after arriving. I can't believe this is news!

I happen to live next to an old CUB. I'd post a picture, but if you drew two tiny black eyes on an old boot with a cigarette in it you'd have an amazing working replica of your own. Hours of hard-drinking, hard-smoking, shit-music-listening good times.