Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lay Off Our Taz For Chris-Sakes!

I'm so sick of this obsessive bloodlust for Chris Tarrant right now. Even before last week's certain maritime themed nightclub incident, Taz was being blamed for everything from our so-so form to the war in Lebanon.

And it's getting much worse.

I woke Sunday morning drained by Saturday night's incredible game against Adelaide. It was intense, modern and intelligent football. As Kinky Friedman would say, the game was like Johnny Cash in 1958. Dangerous. Neither side gave anything inside their own backlines. Every kick and tackle so calculated. Not even livewires like DT and Didak could break free.

Well, that was the game I watched.

Not the Herald Sun's "Here's one we prepared earlier," front page headline teaser, FROM BAD TO WORSE: Another Shocking Night For Tarrant. Funny how there wasn't an article to go with the headline.
Visit my Collingwood footy blog, Victoria Park to read the rest of this diatribe. A highlight is when I call The Herald Sun's Mark Robinson's football analysis "atrocious, vindictive and amateurish."


dickson said...

Yeah good stuff Peters. Only sensible thing I've read on Tazza for a long while.

Nicholas said...

Whatever you reckon Dicko!
If the numb-nuts at Collingwood kept those megalithic egos in check, dickheads like Taz might exist in the realm of normality, not believing that they are Ubermenschen who can walk on water and actually take a decent pack-mark...And Glenn, where was Taz when those two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped in the Middle- East?
You Guessed it!!