Monday, June 05, 2006

A Boy And His Footballing Alpaca

I can't get enough of 8 year old Rory Matthews and Chicky, his footballing alpaca.

Rory's first game against humans since he made front page news was covered on all the channels' TV news last night.

Chicky watched the game from inside the family car parked behind the goalposts. At half time Rory guzzled water from a huge water bottle. Chicky had milk.

When asked what position Chicky would play if he could, Rory matter of factly stated that due to his strong tackling muscle, Chicky would play the backline, somewhere between centre half back and full back.

Strangely Jet, the border collie, Hamlet, the minature pig and Lu Lu the cockatoo were snubbed by television reporters last night.

Earlier this week Rory's dad told The Daily Telegraph:
"Because he's such a small guy, when he first started playing he was too much of a gentleman and would let everyone else get the ball, so I just threw Chicky out there one day when he was kicking because Chicky has an attitude, and it just started from there.

Now Rory is a tackling tiger. He is a fierce tackler on the field now."

Photos from The Daily Telegraph.


Glenn said...

And a big hello and thanks to Cute Overload for the mention and their hilarious take on the story.

Some commenters over there reckon the shots are photoshopped. I assure you they're not. This has been all over Australian TV over the past few days. I've seen the incredibly cute yet inspiring footage.

Only wished I'd taped it.

Erin said...

With a face like that, Chicky should join Collingwood and bring some good looks to the side. :)

Glenn said...

Ryan Lonie runs like an alpaca.

Alison said...

LOOK at that expression!! the Ooof, Fwarh and Nyeh is all over it. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Winky doo deedly dee, pobba robba cobba winks dang deedle!

Glenn said...

Rory left a comment on my other site, Victoria Park!!!