Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Nightwatchman Poll #1

Who's your favorite Beaconsfield mine survivor? Brant or Todd?

Click the comments bit and tell us all about it.


Perico said...

I can't decide, but has given me an idea for the next "Survivor" series.

"Survivor, Beaconsfield". Get a bunch of obnoxious Americans down a collapsed goldmine, with only an ipod and protein drinks and see who cracks first.

Katia said...

My mum is having her house painted. The door knobs are off and she's cleaning her bathroom and manages to lock herself in. Has to scream out to the neighbours to come round and get her out. When she recounts the story, she says to me 'I was so claustophobic, I know how the miners felt'. Stella Zanutta is my favourite miner.