Monday, April 10, 2006

What's The Deal With Mariah's Dog Bath?

Way back in 2001, I mentioned this wonderful little photo of Mariah Carey bathing with her dog.

In the past week, dozens of Americans have flocked to The Nightwatchman to oggle at the photo.

Why the sudden interest?

Has the dog embarked on a solo career?

Have the diva and dog eloped?

Please tell me. I need to know.


Glenn said...

Perhaps I don't.

Ramona said...

what freaks me out more is why we only ever see the right hand side of her face - ever. Scars? Birthmarks? Third Eye? who can tell...

Beck said...

What is the cause of all this American interest Glenn i hear you ask. Well i'll tells ya...its her joozies glenn, her oversized milkfed patriotic flag salutin' joozies.

Beck said...

and the bubbles.
the jack russel has nothing to do with it whatsoever.
I promise.