Thursday, April 06, 2006

Victoria Park Is Back

"Fresh teams like Adelaide are fast indoors. Get them out in the wind and the rain outside at the MCG (do they have the pleasure of playing there this year?) and they're kanoodling nobodies. The Pies looked best when they ran hard and loose. Sure, watching our kooky brand of footy was like watching the General Lee scamper from Boss Hog and his minions but who cares. I want Daisy Duke to pop out midway through the third quarter and kick a few. Was that you, Taz?"
My Collingwood site, Victoria Park is back from its pre-season attitude training camp in Arizona.

Kick long!


Glenn said...

And don't forget the brilliant West Coast Eagles site, Corkintheocean. Like the Galloping Gasometer, he kept going throughout the off season.

Glenn said...

The photo comes from