Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dad's Trophy

Dad's Trophy, originally uploaded by glennpeters.

A little known tidbit about my dad is that in the olden days he won this trophy.

Yesterday I asked about the fish and he said nobody knew what it was. He was going to take it to the museum for further examination but his dad had already fried it up.

Word is, the fish tasted teriffic.


Beck said...

Now Peters i know you're not one for that high falutin crafty type girl nonsense but do yourself the proverbial Molly and get a gander at my own fishing padre's action on handmadelife...most partickerlarly the "something smells fishy" blurb posted easter friday, and tell me you dont want to get in the boat with this man.

Beck said...

that said i'm very impressed by your pa's cup, especially since it comes with such an air of mystery.

Glenn said...

For such keen fishers, our dads are so freakin dry.

You can check out Beck's dad, Fred's hilarious contribution to Handmadelife here.