Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Best Looking Newspaper On The Web

Newspaper layout blog, Newsdesigner.com points us to the The New York Times' nifty new website redesign.

While The Age's recent redesign is admirable, it's still enslaved by crappy advertising and animated picture bars.

Reading articles off the monitor is hard enough without a bouncing bank ad banging away at the right hand side of screen.

When are advertising and website designers going to get it into their skulls that flashing ad bars are incredibly irritating and a turn off to people who've been sitting at their computer monitors for the past four hours?

A good ad is a good idea. The best ideas don't need to flash to grab your attention. These ads only flash or bounce for the sake of it. A well executed ad doesn't need to bounce around like one of those kids you see every second day on Tracy Grimjaw's show to make it any more effective.

There's no moving parts at the New York Times. It's merely a very well layed out newspaper sticky taped to your computer screen, only harder to take to read on the loo.

I'm going to see my praise and raise it a few dollars. Here goes... I'm so impressed with the New York Times website, I reckon it's one of the best lookin' websites out there.


Glenn said...

To pass through the New York Times annoying registration process go to Bugmenot for a free username and password.

I came to the newspaper design blog by reading Fresh Politics which was cited in today's Crikey blogwatch.

Ramona said...

NYT also has one of the great fil and music critics writing for them - Mr Stephen Holden. He can nail a film to the wall in sixty seconds. The new layout is beautiful, so clean and easy to read.