Thursday, April 13, 2006

1757 I Know Nuffinks

Crikey have put together this list of how many times witnesses to the AWB Iraq kickback inquiry have answered questions with phrases like, “I can't recall”, “not to my knowledge”, “I don't know”, “I'm not across that detail”, “I'm not sure”, “I'm not certain” and “not that I'm aware of”.

John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia – 2 times at least (subject to transcript)
Mark Vaile, Deputy PM and Trade Minister – 44 times
Alexander Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs – 62 times
Andrew Lindberg, Managing Director of AWB – 733 times
Trevor Flugge, Chairman AWB – 201 times
Michael Long, General Manager, AWB International Sales and Marketing Division – 138 times
Peter Geary, Domestic and Global Trading International Sales and Marketing, Risk Management – 275 times
Paul Ingleby, CFO AWB – 30 times
Charles Stott, Marketing Chief AWB – 24 times
Ian Donges, International Chairman AWB – 74 times
Richard Fuller, Company Secretary and Director AWB – 37 times
Jim Cooper, Counsel and Company Secretary AWB – 94 times
Brendan Stewart, Chairman AWB – 43 times

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