Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pat Novak For Hire: Genius

She was as sad as a tap dancer in moccasins.

He was making more noise than a venetian blind in a typhoon.

She was dead. As dead as a nightclub in philadelphia.

When she spoke, it was like.... put another log on the fire.

When she walked in it would give you a warm feeling, like a melted cheese sandwich.

Calm down before you wind up in a boy's choir.
Pat Novak For Hire was a radio crime show which ran from 1946 to 1947, starring Jack Webb, the ex-cop who created and starred in Dragnet and wrote James Ellroy's fave true crime book, The Badge.

You can listen to episodes on Mystery Play Radio, one of the 'Talk/Spoken Word' radio stations which pop up when you click the radio thingy on iTunes.

Or you can download episodes and read dozens more quotes from the awesome Pat Novak For Hire: Guns and Similies fansite.

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