Saturday, February 25, 2006

Australia: Bloody Hell

By all reports, hell's not real nice. So not real nice, some of the more religiousy, irony blind types out there (Americans, zealots, pigeon fanciers...etc) get nervous at the mention of it.

Then why would you mention hell's existence in a fricken tourism ad?

Why don't we go with...

Australia. Come look at our animals.

and its stunning campaign mate...

Australia. Come look at our scenery.

Because really, that's the only message an Aussie tourist campaign's going to say in my lifetime.


Monty said...

Hi Nightwatchman,
If the Aussies had advertised as you suggested, would their tourists campaign appear on your blog.

Seems to me their campaign works. It's been noticed and they have got some free advertising!!

Glenn said...

Nah, the only reason I mentioned it was becasue the campaign caused a bit of a fracas in the local media.

Our PM was even called on to defend the use of the word 'bloody' in the ads.

Good to hears from ya, Monty.