Tuesday, December 20, 2005

See You Again At Tooth Hurty

I've just spent most of today in pain at the dental hospital. A back molar needed to be pulled out.

Had a student. He was good but not good enough. An hour an a half at pulling at my tooth and he still couldn't get it out.

On top of that, nobody, him, his mates or supervisor, could get the anesthetic to work in the exact place they were pulling.

Ow times 1000.

Then get this. They had to give up. Too many anesthetic shots and still "the patient is not yet aneasthitised." I have to go back again on Thursday for the class to try again.

Yes, to start over.

Tooth still in and hurting.

Bonus. I have to go back again again in January for them to have a shot at getting my wisdom teeth out.

Ow times infinity.

Double bonus. Super strong antibiotics so I won't be allowed to drink at all during Christmas.

I need to lie down now.


Glenn said...

Just got back from the dental hospital. They still can't find the nerve ending to numb to get the tooth out.

Bad arse tooth is still in my gob.

Third attempt under general anesthetic sometime in January.

I seem to be the unluckliest bloke on earth right now.

Alison said...

If it makes you feel any better, they had the same problem with my wisdom tooth, but I was lucky enough to have a dentist who said "This is working: I want to send you to an oral surgeon". However, I was unlucky enough (and temporarily stupid enough) to say "I don't want to go through this again. Let's just keep trying." So he kept on and it broke. And now there is a little 2mm cube of tooth in my jaw. That was 6 months ago and its almost stopped giving me occasional aches. Good Luck :)