Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Time To Fire Up Firefox

Most of you still persist with the lunky and hideously vulnerable to security attack, Internet Explorer. It's time to switch to the recently upgraded Firefox.

Don't worry about your boss. Firefox is free for everyone, yes that's everyone including companies, to use. I don't get why Firefox isn't standard in the Australian workplace. It's strange. IT Managers swear by it on their work and play computers but can't seem to convince the rest of their workplaces to switch over.

And don't worry about losing your bookmarks during the changeover. Firefox does it all for you.

In the www's olden days a new web browser release was kind of special. Like giddy pop fans, we would count down the days before we could download the latest Netscape Navigator. When that day came we'd fire up Trumpet Winsock, and ftp like crazy until the early dawn.

Then Internet Explorer happened.

Most of us got lazy. Internet Explorer came already installed on Windows 95 so why bother with another browser? Internet Explorer got lazy too, without a big upgrade for yonks. It's so 1997!

If you already run Firefox, it's a good time to upgrade to the new version. Firefox 1.5 runs smoother than previous and most importantly prevents the popups which were starting to fool the alleged "popup free" browser. And my fave extension, "Add Bookmark Here" works with the new version.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The new Firefox runs much smoother on my second machine, my pretty blue G3 Mac. Much better than Safari.

You can get Firefox by following the light blue advertisement to the right hand side of this page.

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