Monday, October 31, 2005

Sack The Ad Agency, These Workplace Law Reform Ads Will Work

If you wanna see what these posters looked like before I applied my dodgy photoshopping skills to them, check out the US Manufacturers Association Blog.

By the way, in a recent Crikey story on the government department behind the Work Choices ads, "The IR ads flop – we name the guilty men," I was surprised Christian Kerr didn't mention Dewey & Horton, the advertising agency who made the ads. This is an agency with longtime links to the Liberal Party and is especially known for its 'no bullshit' approach to advertising.

With riddling phrases like "Protected By Law" and "Max.Ordinary Hours" the IR ads can hardly be described as 'no bullshit'. Plagued with poor punctuation, perhaps but hardly 'no bullshit'.

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Glenn said...


This got me top billing on the Blogwatch bit of the Crikey daily newsletter!

And my ads were mentioned on the Woozlewazzle Blog.