Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't Let Your Mistakes Go Pubic

My fave bit in Harry Shearer's weekly radio show, Le Show is when, in his super duper deep voice, he reads the apologies bit in his local newspapers. Deadpan at its panniest.

Regret The Error is a site dedicated to reporting on and ANALysing the world's newspaper corrections, retractions and apologies.

Here's a few from this week.
An article on Aug. 28 about Jay-Z's transition from performer to recording executive misspelled part of the name of a hip-hop artist with whom Jay-Z had a meeting. He is Ghostface Killah, not Killer. New York Times

Contrary to a note published with Tuesday's Point of View article "RTP must be reworked," the writer, Yonah Freemark, is male. NewsObserver

An article in Business Day about Brendon Loy, the Notre Dame student who was one of the earliest to sound the alarm about the potential threat to New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina, misstated the name of Mr. Loy's dog. It is Robbie, not Becky (which is his fiance's name). New York Times

A front-page Political Memo article on Sunday about efforts by President Bush to head off a political crisis over his administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina misstated the city where he said he enjoyed himself "occasionally too much," a comment that was criticized as being insensitive. It was New Orleans, not Houston. New York Times

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