Thursday, September 22, 2005

Aurgasm, An Eclectic Menagerie Of Aural Pleasures

Aurgasm is a flippin' brilliant music blogsite. The beautifully designed site is dedicated to finding the most "curiously different, yet simply enjoyable" music out there.

At the moment Aurgasm's running a special on the music of New Orleans.

Dixie Cups - Iko Iko
Although they're best known for "Chapel of Love", the Dixie Cups wrote 'Iko Iko' quite accidentally. After the musicians had gone home from a recording session, the women were doing some overdubbing and started singing "Iko Iko" among themselves, using only a chair, drumstick, Coke bottle, ashtray, and drums as accompaniment. And although its roots are identified with New Orleans celebratory rituals, the song emerged as a quirky pop hit.
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