Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What's He Building In There?

Melbourne sculptor, Nick Jones makes pretty thingies out of old books. Nick's been doing this for the ten years I've known him. An exhibition of his latest work can be seen at Spacement: Watson Place, Melbourne, Australia from May 10 to June 4th.

The blurb on the gallery site reckons:
Using a compendia of old books and pamphlets found in the bins of the University of Melbourne library, he creates an archaeology of texts that presents a nostalgic view of 1950s and 60s literature regarding Australia and the world. Combining elements of chance and modern design, the works resemble a sculptural form of concrete poetry that create a new perspective on the past.
And I reckons:
Engrossing. I couldn't put them down.
Exhibition link.

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Fusebox. said...

That's some cool stuff he does!