Saturday, January 15, 2005

You Can Can Be A Can Can Dancer!

From my other site, But I Want An Interesting Job.

Flicking through The Age, I find this beauty. The legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris is auditioning “Tall Dancers.” If you are a boy who is at least 185cm/6’1”or a girl at the 175cm/5’8” and you can dance godammit, prove it to the Moulin Rouge’s ballet mistress, Miss Janet Pharaoh.

The audition, conducted by the Moulin Rouge’s ballet mistress, Miss Janet Pharaoh will take place on Monday 24th January at Dance Factory, 442-446 Church St, Richmond.

Impress the mistress and you will be off to Paris to perform in the Moulin Rouge’s brand spanking show, FĂ©erie'. If you don’t get in, at least take photos and send them over here to

Moulin Rouge website.
Learn to dance.

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