Friday, January 07, 2005

Interesting Jobs

But I Want an Interesting Job is my new web thingy reviewing some of the more interesting jobs out there on the internet. I'm going to find the strangest, most wonderful job vacancies on the web and the first reader to get a job listed on this site will win a bank cheque for exactly....wait for it...AUD$1.00!!

Sofar you can apply to be a peacebuilder in Sudan or the lucky person who looks after the lab rats at CSIRO's Sydndey based, Molecular Science Laboratory.

I got the idea for this blog a when writing some stuff for World Vision Australia (Yes, keep sending all aid agencies money and more importantly, nag your local politician to spend more on aid). The job vacancies on their internal website are incredible. The first time I looked at it, they were after somebody to work in Sudan as a government lobbyist. Later in my research I found job advertisements on a "business risk consultancy" website for interrogators to work in Iraq. This was only a couple of weeks before the Abu Gharib scandal.

I don't get paid by any employment agencies for But I Want an Interesting Job. I will, however, get paid almost $0.01 if you click on one of the Google ads running on the site. I get that here too, so click away kids! You know you want to give me cents/sense.

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