Thursday, November 08, 2001

Men And Women Of Australia,
Due to a mix of dubious fiscal policy and a bleak outlook in the Eden Monaro electorate, the election night BBQ at my house has been cancelled.
The late notice of the cancellation has provoked varying reactions in the political world.
Earlier today, the opposition leader, Mr Kim Beazley told reporters that the cancellation points "to an obvious breakdown in domestic policy," while the leader of the Australian Democrats, Natasha Stotdespoyjathankyouverymuch, told us that, "not even the women of Afghanistan would cancel a BBQ at such late notice."
The PM, Mr John Howard said something about it but we missed it. We were preoccupied with some dribble on the 62 year-old Coalition leader's chin.
Don't call us to complain, instead express your anger at the polling booth.
sorry & thank you,
Glenn & Gen

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