Monday, November 05, 2001

Another weekend, another mediocre rock'n'roll show by the Fauves at The Armadale. No need for an encore, get the fuck out of there, I say. At least the Armadale crowd were polite and hygenic. Oh yeah, and The Anyones rocked like crazy blokes. Are the Anyones the most under-rated band in Australia? Hmm...

A nice girl called Lauren emailed me a little while ago. She has a website/log just like mine. It has the very emo title, To Design The Truth Would Be A Lie.... Lauren leads a heady life of school, dodgy mates and rock'n'roll.

And here's a bit of good stuff lifted from Lauren's site!

"i can't believe i actually found the Rock Lobster ringtone. finding that has made my whole week.

i am sick today. i don't know how or why i got sick, but it has to be now doesn't it. this weekend. fuck you whoever did this to me. i hate you.

there are so many cool dumb local shows coming up, like 99s and thinktank at south adelaide. bahahahahahaha. man that is going to be so funny. i might drag simone down with me. i have togo get my video off of adsy. fuck."

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