Friday, October 26, 2001

Hi. Hi. Hi. "Peters, you're a nerd and stuff. You should do a webpage," they tell me. Oh, great. I'm one of those. I spend a bit too much time at the computer and all of a sudden (not quite all of a sudden, it's been going on for years) they reckon I should do a page. Okay, here it is. What am I going to talk about? The typical. No surprises here. Move on.

For those who don't know me, I'm a Melbourne (Australia) based bloke who writes for a few Australian magazines, mostly Black & White and Beat Magazine, about music, art, sport and what ever else they tell me to write about. I also present a website segment on national radio station, Triple J on Saturday nights. Great huh?

Well, here goes. I wouldn't have bothered to do this if I hadn't seen Boing Boing so go and have a look at it now.

If like me, you are cynical about the music scene, check out rocknerd.

Alright, it's time to eat some cheese.

Oh yeah, my email address....

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