Monday, September 26, 2016

Brownlow 16: Two Sports Casters Walk Onto A Basketball Court

So two channel 7 sports casters walk into a Peter Jackson suit shop to get some suits. It's gripping television. On the way home they play a game of basketball in their suits. Then they go skateboarding in their suits. Then they go to a work site in their suits. Then they go out to chop some wood in their suits. And then everyone who was subjected to their skit started to weep. All of Australia, weeping.

Then we go back to the red carpet. Marc Murphy's partner is talking a lot about her get up. Everyone watching has stopped with their weeping. Whatever she's saying isn't sinking in. It's what she's wearing. You'll see it a lot in the next few days. I won't describe it.

Pendles and Alex Pendles are talking about something or rather. I'm already in a daze. 

Thank Christ. The Red Carpet is over. Let's get on with it.

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