Monday, September 26, 2016

Brownlow 16: I'm Packing It In. Dangerfield Wins The Brownlow (I assume).

Patrick Dangerfield, best dressed Brownlow winner since Greame Teasdale
Gil doing the slow read for drama. Too late dude. Just when we settle in, there's another ad break filled with beer, sports vitamins and betting ads. Then a Friday Front Bar thing which otherwise would be amusing but it's after 10pm and we have shitloads more votes to count.

Round 15 read by Merv Hughes. At last we're back. I don't know if I want to keep doing this. But I started. I do it every year. Bont gets one to move to 11. Parker shares the lead with Dangerfield. This could actually get exciting if they let it happen.


For fuck's sake. 

I'm thinking of turning it in. 

It's that tedious.

Denis Commeti tribute. 





Round 16 and its 10:20pm. I shit you not. Dangerfield only ahead by one vote. Bont gets a vote so this means we need to interview him. Gosh. 

Round 17 montage is read by Guy Sebastian. Gil reading fast. He's the only one who wants to get it done. No votes to Parker who stays on 20. Dustin Martin moves to 19. Dangerfield boringly goes onto 24. I have a strange feeling we're going to an ad break.

Round 18. I nodded off during the montage. Dustin Martin is equal second on votes and drink count. 

Round 19 read by the guy from Eskimo Joe. It's 1999 night at the casino tonight. No votes to Parker. Dangerfield moves to 28. That's 8 ahead with 4 rounds to go. 

If we go to an ad break, I'm going to bed. 


That's it. 

I've had enough. 

I'm off to bed.

If you stay up to the end, look for the Tobin Bros or John Allison Monkhouse in the closing credits.

I assume Patrick Dangerfield wins it. 

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