Monday, September 26, 2016

Brownlow 15: Let's Do This Thing.

Brownlow live blog HQ.
I'm doing it again.

Typing along to the Brownlow like I always do.


I can't resist. 

I was just doing the dishes and thought, "Why on earth do I do this? Is it for the fame? Is it because I like typing fast? Is it because of habit? Should I take this watch off when I do the dishes? What is the point of an Apple watch? Only 7,000 steps? etc"

The real answer is you, the viewers. 

No. I lie. 

The real answer is that it winds Lucy up. I love what it does to her. She will say, "Why do they televise this? It's just a bloke reading names!" several times through the evening. Actually, she's organised to go out for an hour to get away from it. But she should know that the Brownlow, Football's Night Of Nights will still be motoring on until 4am because it never stops. 

So without further Erykah Badu, open the envelopes, it's time to get counting!

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