Monday, September 28, 2015

Brownlow 15: Priddis Catching Up and the Obligatory Graham Teasdale Photo.

Obligatory Graham Teasdale photo
Jobe Watson reads R18 very deliberately. This round was the round the AFL world (most of them) showed their support for Adam Goodes. The people who were still booing are racists. Votes. None for Fyfe because his leg had fallen off by this round. Hannebery gets 3 and moves to 22! Priddis onto 23! They need to keep going.

R19 read by Brownlow 2015 winner (according to the poor web admin person who accidentally hit publish), Sam Mitchell. I lost my money on Pendles winning this rounds and rounds ago. Paddy Dangerfield looking comfortable sitting with his ex team mates. Priddis gets 3 votes! 25 to Fyfe's 31.

Who will win it?





Mitch Fifield?


Nat Fyfe?

Most likely.

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