Monday, September 28, 2015

Brownlow 15: Nat Fyfe Wins The Chocolates.

Round 16,032. Priddis needs five votes. How will he go? I just had a look at twitter. Oh God. People are actually watching and tweeting about QandA. WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PEOPLE. THE BROWNLOW IS ON. Back to the vote. Adelaide v West Coast.... No votes to Priddis.

Nat Fyfe has just won the 2015 Brownlow Medal.

He has a broken leg and a walking stick to walk onto stage.

This is him walking onto stage with his walking stick to accept his Brownlow Medal.


He played that final last weekend with a broken leg but as he says to Bruce just now, you walk onto the ground and you're fit enough to play.

And he's a nice guy too. The interview is a bit slow because he is so nice. You can't not like him. He's just told a little story about almost crying when Richo didn't win the Brownlow years ago.

The way he thanks his team mates. "This medal is a friend to all of you." So cool.

Nat Fyfe has Pat Rafter charm and cool. Plays like a beast. Puts it all down to his team mates. What's not to love?

Geez. He's a good guy.

I can't type anything stupid about it.

Good night.

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