Monday, September 28, 2015

Brownlow 15: Another Woman Onstage Talking About Footy.

R15. McLaughin' still going like the clappers. Any faster and he'll explode.

Fyfe 10 ahead of Blue Lagoon man and Sam Mitchell. I think Fyfe has won it. The others need to get three votes every round from now on. Impossible.

Now a Matt Priddis montage and an ad break.

R16. I think it's Sam Mitchell talking. He's good at reading. Goldstein on 13. Who put money on him today? Smart people. Waiting for McLaughin pausing at the right bits. Mitchell and Priddis no votes.

Hold on.

Hasn't Fyfe already won it?

I'm bad at maths.

Tayla Harris, another gun footballer, presents mark of the year to Nic Nat.

Here's Tayla.

R17. Crowd quiet. Bored. Fyfe is so far ahead. Priddis gets to 21. Fyfe on 31. Six rounds to go. I'm confused. Press publish, Glenn.

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