Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: Red Carpet Special Part 1.

I trot this one out every Brownlow night.
It's time for the partners to sparkle and the work experience kids to host.

Channel 7 work experience girl host has a long split in her dress. It's a bit awkward. Channel 7 work experience boy has a suit on. He played for Footscray. He's talking to a Kelvin Cunnington and his partner. That's his name isn't it?

Work experience girl is talking to a long haired player and his girlfriend who is dresses as an Egyptian princess. Thing is, she isn't an Egyptian princess. But they did holiday in the Maldives last holidays, she tells us.

Shoes. Gowns. Fake eye lashes. Montages.

The McLaughing brothers are interviewing each other. They look like and think like robots.

Bob Murphy has rock hair. Travis Cloke's girlfriend always starts her mornings with horses. Trav has a very sharp looking haircut. They just got back from Fiji, they tell us.

Drew Petrie's lady friend looks a bit art deco. We don't find out where they're holidaying this year.

Juddy and Bec. They own this night. She's dressed as a wedding cake. They just holidayed in Perth and will be off to Noosa later on in the week.


I'm off to put the potatoes in the tagine.

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