Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: More Bloody Red Carpet.

Jobe Watson doesn't shave his neck. It didn't work for Paul McCartney and it doesn't work for him.

Jimmy Bartel's girly's frock has some weird buckles on it.

Disgraceful businessman and purveyor of hitmen, Geoffrey Edelstein's new bore, Gabi Grecko is dressed as a stupid machine. It has so many metal things, spiky things and stupid ideas all over it. Edelstein has stupid glittery designs all over a cheap looking expensive suit. I can't stand those people. They should be barred from all events.

Now for a paid segment when....hold on. TRENT COTCHIN HAS CUT HIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR. SHORT BACK AND SIDES DON'T SUIT COTCHIN'S BEAUTIFUL RICH HAIR. This is a tragedy. I'm not a homosexualist. I just like beautiful hair, and Trent's is the beautifullest.

Work experience boy is interviewing his partner about her dress. It's strange, awkward television.

There's a stupid pink carpet set up at the SCG turf for the Sydney players. Basil Zeppelin has the job interviewing Josh Kennedy and his girlfriend. More awkward television.

Everything is stupid.

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