Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: Matt Who?

Tweet of the night.
Round 18: Nick Reiwoldt is good at reading. Hymie still too fast. This proves him as a failure as an AFL boss. Dangerfield is on lots of votes.

Round 19: Gary Ablett reads this round. I'm scared this reading will earn him votes. Selwood moves to 18. I don't think he has enough. Priddis equal second 21. AWKWARD. DISQUALIFIED FYFE HAS HIT THE LEAD. I'm worried for the SEN producers who have to field all the "THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE BROWNLOW" calls they're going to get.

Matt Priddis might win the Brownlow.

"Matt who?" Australia asks.

Lucy has sent a text from bed complaining about how boring the Brownlow is.

Round 20: Another favourite, Jordan Lewis gets his 7th. Selwood 19. Fyfe on 25, up by 1. Priddis on 24.

Bruce interviews Matt Priddis to show us what Matt Priddis looks like.

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