Monday, September 22, 2014

Brownlow 14: Gary Ablett Junior Hasn't Got Enough To Win Tonight.

Not tonight, Jr. (well, maybe they'll rig it so he does. Who knows.)
"Without the community, AFL is just another sport, battling for market share." - Winner of the Jim Stynes good guy award, Beau Waters.

Okay then.

Round 13: Travis Cloke gets three votes so we can look at his haircut again. Hymie has stepped up the pace to disclaimer on a car dealer radio ad speed. "LMCT 71717171 votes" I couldn't understand a word he said. Everyone on twitter wants him to slow down. But he doesn't read twitter because, would you read twitter if everyone hated everything you do?

Round 14: Callan Ward reads. He's not the best reader tonight but he's doing his best. He says "undies" and nobody laughs. Pendles onto 10. Boak on 14. Another favorite, Heppel on five.

Round 15: Pre haircut Trent Cotchin is reading. Gorgeous timing. Gorgeous hair. Ablett gets his last votes. 22. It won't be enough. Five players got 22 or over last year.

Dean Bailey and Tom Hafey tribute. I might have a little break while I weep. I loved Tommy.

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