Monday, May 19, 2014

Richmond And Jeep Gutsy Enough To Film Drive Home Proud Videos After a Loss.

One of the pains as a freelance copywriter is that so often you see your ideas die a death of a thousand cuts from the moment you leave the building.

Not this time. My Jeep and Richmond Drive Home Proud campaign idea is not only alive, it's being handled and developed exactly how it was intended.

Good on the people at Cummins & Partners, Jeep and Richmond for for keeping the campaign going.

And of course, good on Trent Cotchin and Dylan Grimes for doing the videos. They would've been pretty hard to do.

Here's Trent Cotchin driving home after losing to Melbourne on the weekend.

And here's Dylan Grimes after losing to Collingwood a few weeks ago.
Now go out there Tigers and win some games.

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