Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Wheeeeee!!!!

Basil Zempilas and Ross Lyon yesterday.
Some guy who used to play soccer for Australia introduces a goals of the year montage. Then Round 5 commentated by Robert Harvey. Another wooden performance from a Collingwood staff member. The pies should run acting and expression classes over the off season. Steele Sidebottom gets votes and we see a young stunner on the Collingwood table finish off a massive beer. I like her, whoever she is. Gary junior and his girl look petrified.

Round 6. It's Libba. Now that's how to commentate a montage. Timing. Drama. Passion. Little Libba has it in truck loads (admittedly the 'trucks' are Ford Escort panel vans). Lots of beards in footy today. It's like all the players are auditioning to be in the next Carlton Draught ad or something. Andrew Swallow leading.

Basil Zempilas interviews Ross Lyon. Not the most engaging personalities. Reminds me of one of my favourite ever jokes.

Q) What did the snail say when he rode the tortoise?

A) Wheeeeee!

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