Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Selwood Ducks Into The Lead.

Joel Selwood yesterday.
Ablett 25. Selwood 24. Swan 23.

I missed the Round 21 montage because I was out getting a biscuit. I just spilt a drink. But I must type in this puddle. This is the dedication I show to you, the reader. Kurt Tippet just got his second vote. Andy D reading slowly for effect. Swan gets one vote against Hawthorn in a loss. Selwood ducks into the lead on 27. Umpires love him.

Round 22 by Simon Black. A serviceable read. No votes to Ablett. Geelong. Selwood should get some. But he doesn't! Now to the Collingwood game.... Collingwood. Pendles 1 vote. Swan 2 votes! Josh Thomas gets 3 votes. I like Josh Thomas. Good player. Bit of an annoying accent but.

I've been running with that joke all year.

My each way bet for Swan looks like it might come through. 

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