Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Gary Ablett Wins It.

Here's a Gary winning a Brownlow photo we prepared earlier.
Joel Selwood doesn't duck Bruce's questions. He reckons Gary Jr will win. He would say that.

Round 23. Greg Williams again. I'm not sure how popular a winner Joel Selwood will be. He's an amazing player. Looking at his stats today he has to win it. But people don't like his ducking. Screen on the big three. Swan drinking. The other two aren't. Swan is wearing a MASSIVE watch. He takes another swig. Geelong votes. No votes to Selwood!!!

Collingwood game. Pendles 2. Someone in the crowd yells "Fuck you!" It wasn't me. No votes to Dane Swan. Gary gets 3 to win the Brownlow by one vote over Joel Selwood and Dane Swan.

The crowd doesn't sound ecstatic.

"Joel deserves it just as much as I do." Gary Ablett jr says he's 'shattered' to win it.

"In my opinion my dad is the best player to have played the game."

Well done to an incredible footballer.

Now I need a lie down.

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