Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Fred And Gary Make Adam Sound Like A Child.

Fred Goldsmith yesterday.
Round 7 and it's Michael Voss commentating. Average. Swallow is leading. Gary Jnr not too close. Jobe Watson embarrassing everyone by being up there on nine. Trent Cotchin still has nice hair.

Round 8 and we have 1955 Brownlow medalist Fred Goldsmith. Great performance. Love hearing an old guy say "Majak Daw had the first jump." So far Fred's my leader for the night's best montage reader. Sam Mitchell gets up to 9. Gary Jnr up to 10. Dan Hannebery leads on 13.

Cameron Ling interviews Gary Ablett Jnr. We learn nothing.

Now a montage of insane fans. I watch closely to make sure I'm not on.


I'm not.

Round 9. Gary Dempsey. My word. What a gruff voice. Makes Gus Mercurio sound like a choirboy. Norwegian Black Metal Gary Dempsey. Seriously menacing. Gary on 13. Hannebery on 15.

Round 10. Adam Cooney commentates. Sounds like a kid compared to Gary Dempsey. Did you know he proposed to his wife with burger rings? Paddy Dangerfield is getting lots of votes. Hannebery gets none. Gary Jr equal leader on 15. I think he's won it. Antony Green called it three rounds ago.

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