Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Enough Of The Frocks. Let's Get This Show On The Road.

That red carpet thing was awful as always. At least the girls didn't have to stand on a rotisserie this time. Thug Campbell Brown was a highlight. I can't wait to see him covering New York Fashion Week next year.

So it kicks off with Mark Seymour and Missy Higgins singing Throw Your Arms Around Me to a montage of footballers hugging each other. I shit you not. Then there's the guy who does that gruff voiceover grand talkin' to footage of a lady painting a Brownlow. Then another montage. That's two montages in five minutes. An early record.

Bruce McAvaney and Andy D open proceedings, with the traditional opening of "this is a properly constituted gathering of the AFL with all whatevers present etc." And then the tradiitional footage of the Armaguard people delivering the votes.

And as tradition goes, my wife is complaining, "this is the most inane thing on television and astounds me that this is televised." It really works her up.

Round 1. Jobe Watson commentates the montage. Andy D reads real fast (tradition), Judd gets votes (tradition) and Gary Ablett Jr gets votes (another tradition).

Another montage commentated by Adam Scott. We're running at five montages in seven minutes. This is some sort of record.

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