Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Enough Dipper Already.

Dipper back when the newspapers thought he was a racist.
Now Dipper is hosting a dinner party for Brownlow medalists. Part My Kitchen Rules, part Godfather 3, it's very awkward TV. Channel 7 and AFL doing their best to revive his media career after that racist thing.

Zac Smith gets the Do Gooders Award. "You can't write that Peters!" you cry. I did. Only because you were all thinking it.

Round 13 hosted by Shane Woewodin. He won a Brownlow once. Anyway. No votes to Hannebery or Ablett. Round 14 and Peter Moore is back. Moore-some. I'm losing hope that Dane Swan will get even a place in this thing. Ablett not any votes for two rounds.

Now for fellow Boxcutter, Dave Lawson and that Adam Zwar guy doing the funny bits of the year. The funny bit with Bruce McAvaney running across a football field was indeed, a funny bit.

Round 15 by Brian Gleeson. He won it in 1957. He looks angry but sounds kind. Swallow moves to 14. Jack to 11 and Trent Cotchin still has nice hair.  Selwood ducks his head to 14. Dane Swan equal 4th on 16. I need him to come third to win my Brownlow money back.

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