Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: Channel 7 People Are Humourless.

Peter Cook is funny. Channel 7 people are not.
Channel 7 probably have the world's worst comedy writers working for them. Not probably. Definitely. They just had this thing with footage of a spaceman saying that Aussie Rules players jump very high. No. You didn't just have to be there. It wasn't funny.

Round 16 and Michael Voss is back. It's so good that Chris Judd is still only on 5 votes. It feels like something is right with the world. It's been ages since Gary Jr has got a vote. Now moves to 21. Selwood moves to 16. Swan on 18.

Round 17 by Kelvin Templeton. Butter milk smooth delivery. Very impressive. Now to votes. Dustin Martin on 13. He's not drinking. He doesn't even look 'troubled'. Andy D is slowing down votes for effect. Selwood on 18. Hannebery on 21. Gary on 24.

Lingy missed his cue and interrupted Andy D for another boring interview. This time with Selwood. No need to duck Lingy's dull and inoffensive questions.

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