Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 2013: 2013 The Year Of Much Embarrassment.

Andre Agassi yesterday.
Andrew Agassi commentates the montage about this year's retired players. I feel touched. In a good way of course. Look. It was weird.

Round 11. Why is Dippa doing another one? Still can't understand a word he's saying. Joel Selwood is on 11. Dan Hannebery and Gary Jr are both on 18. Far ahead. Dane Swan gets to 10. Pendles on 9.

Round 12. Bucks again. I don't like this doubling up of the montage commentaries. It's unprofessional. Bad form Channel 7. Bad form. Luke Hodge up there-ish on 11. Dangerfield on 16. Ablett on 20. This is getting ridiculous. Pendles on 11. Swan on 13.

Bruce says Bobby Skilton is sick. I hope he gets better. I love Bobby. Now another great Swans name Adam Goodes gets his own montage. I'm so happy I was overseas when all that Eddie bullshit went down. One of 2013's most embarrassing moments.

2013 was an embarrassing year to be a football supporter.

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