Monday, September 23, 2013

Brownlow 13: Pendles Opens His Account And Peter Moore Stars.

A nervous Dane Swan earlier.
Round 2. Bucks commentates the montage. Quite a wooden performance. Only one vote. Sorry Bucks. Trent Cotchin has two votes and very nice hair. Liberatore has six votes. Some Essington players get votes. Consolation for what was an awful year. Pendles opens his vote account. Because he's a professional, he won't forget the account PIN number at the end of the night.

Round 3. Peter Moore commentates the montage. Inspired choice. I loved that man. I painted a picture plate of him in Grade 4. You can see it if you make an appointment at the NGV. Make sure you ring a day in advance. Dane Swan gets votes. He doesn't do accounts. He works in cash.

Now Cameron Ling has a chat to Dane Swan. I can't remember that diamond nose stud. Beard looking Ned Kelly like. Hair freshly cut. He looks genuinely nervous.

Round 4. Dipper commentates. I can't understand a word he says.

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