Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: This Is Grateness.

Joffa in a plaintive mood, yesterday.
Round 12. The one thing I like about Jobe Watson being streets ahead is that he's beating Ablett. But I think Gary Gary Junior gets a few votes here. Lets' see. Nic Nat gets his second vote because despite everything you see and everything they say, he's not a great player. Ablett gets his 15th vote. Watson stays on 20.

Round 13. Rhyce Shaw got 3 votes. Swan gets his 12th. Beams gets his 11th. The Pies table looks tired and emotional. Watson on 23. Yes, 23 votes after 13 rounds. Flying.

Montage of angry fans to Joffa doing a Tim Rogers impersonation. It's all a bit weird. Confronting. Sad. I think they spelled it like this... THIS IS GRATENESS. Was that on purpose? If so, good pun.

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