Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: Charge Your Glasses And Be Upstanding For Jobe Watson etc.

This year's Brownlow Medal winner (left).
Round twenty something. 21 I think. No votes for Watson because they lost by a million points. No votes to Mitchell. he stays on 23. DANE ZORKO GETS 2 VOTES. I love Dane Zorko. Beams gets 2 to move to a respectable 19 votes. Cotchin on 20.

But Jobe Watson wins the Brownlow Medal.

He's on 30 and nobody can catch him.

Not even Judd.

Unless they change the rules right now to give Judd another. But they don't.

Round 22. I need Beams to poll and get a place but he doesn't. Ablett moves to 24. Cotchin moves to equal third 23. Round 23. Swan moves to 25. Mitchell and I think Thompson 26.

But it's over. Dane Swan hands over the medal to run off the stage to get stuck into a beer and a kebab (do they serve kebabs at the Casino?), and Mark Fitzpatrick tells us to charge your glasses and be upstanding (this will be one of the last times Dane will be upstanding all night), for Jobe Watson the 2012 Brownlow Medal winner.

The interview starts slowly. "What was going through your mind?" Watson doesn't say much interesting. Probably because the questions have been asked so many times before. Bruce is going through his whole career. it's like that boring bit of a rock biography when they talk about being young and having a dad and shit. I want this interview to end. It's so controlled. I do like his dad but. Met him and worked with Tim Watson for a day once. He was brilliant. Now they're talking about Old Xavs. Eugh. And now his partner, Ella. And the rest of the family, sisters, whatever.

Now to talk about his dad again. This is the bit that might get emotional. Bruce mentions Jobe's grandfather who died recently. But Jobe won't crack. He's tough under pressure.

Well done.

Credit where credit's due.

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