Monday, September 24, 2012

Brownlow 2012: As If Ablett Deserved Votes In That Losing Game. Oh He Had 53 Touches. Who Cares.

Back to the fucking football.

Round 8 and Pendles gets his 11th. Jobe Watson leading on 14. Stanton 13.

Round 9 and we get this fantastic footage of a sign falling on Travis Cloke.

Demetriou refuses to slow the fuck down. Stanton on 14. Watson on 17. It's looking like Essington first and second. But they're about to lose a shitload of games. Pendles on 12. Beams gets his 4th. I have stupid money on Swan and Beams. It's not going to happen.

Which reminds me. Isn't it refreshing that this telecast hasn't been interrupted by a bunch of betting updates.

Shit. Spoke too soon. A TAB ad update thing. Very annoying.

Round 10 and it's Brett Kirk doing the voiceover. It's nothing like this because his hair is different.
Watson moves to 19 votes. That's quite a lead on Stanton and Pendles. Ablett gets 3 votes for his 53 possession game against Collingwood. That's what the umpires thought. The rest of the world thought Daisy Thomas easily had the better game. I did. One of Ablett's team mates shoved a table 53 sign in front of Ablett during the reading out of the votes. Pricks.

Round 11. Watson onto 20. Beams onto 7 and Swan on 11.

I'm still angry about Ablett getting the 3 votes in round 10.

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