Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 2012 Herald Sun Readers' Valentine's Day Awards

Muff Face and Pig Snorter yesterday.
The Doing You And Your Loved One No Favors Award goes to...

Happy Valentine's Day. Love you always. Pus.

The Shakespeare Was A Herald Sun Reader Award goes to...

To my dearest Dale, you are my most favorite male. It's you that puts a spark in my life and I promise not to ruin your Scanpan knife. Together we make light work. You've never once been a jerk. It's the way you make me feel. You caught me with your big fishing reel. We are in sync on the dance floor. But on x box I have the biggest score. You are my safety switch that never trips, we fit each other like a glove. This is my declaration of love.  Kiam

The Cyrano De Bergerac Was Booked Out Award goes to...

I want to grow old and disgusting with you love Marijke

The Oh, Not Another Restraining Order Award goes to...

My darling Helen. I still get heartbroken when i think of the day that you told me it was over etween us. Dressed in denim, your hair in pigtails and just 18. I used to think that you were the prettiest girl alive and when we fell in love I would tell myself every day that there would never be any other girl in my life but you. But I treated you bad when I loved you so and in the end I lost you forever. I never cheated on you Helen,and I will love you in secret until the day I die my darling. Your perfume "Fidji" keeps you near to me always. Your loving sweetpea G.

The Inappropriate Family Parlor Games Award goes to...

Everything I ever dreamed of xx. Love Mummy

The Hope You Washed Your Hands Before You Made Our Dinner Award goes to...

Dip me in your hommus?

And finally, it's a tie for the much coveted Too Much Information Award! Judges couldn't separate this year's winners....

I love your landscaped yard. JS

Good times by the Yarra RIP. Love you, Pig Snorter

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