Monday, September 26, 2011

Brownlow 2011: What The Judd?

Nice and short interview with Dane Swan. Dunno what he said. I think it was just words he said about football.

Round 17. Demetrio has slowed down. Ablett is catching up. Carlton v Collingwood. Swan gets one vote. Thomas two vote and JUDD GETS THREE. Um. We (Collingwood) won that. Umpires just did that to take the piss out of us. It's okay. Judd won't win. Swan still up by three votes. Just been pointed out on Twitter that Judd had 13 ineffective kicks that game.

Round 18. Goodes just got his 9th vote. Pundits so got it wrong. Was never going to happen. Judd on 16 now. Dal Santo is one behind Swan. Pendles 2 behind.

Bruce is losing his mind.

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